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100% Satisfaction @ Uneek Werx From day one, our practices have focused on addressing transparency, accountability, consistency and delivering results while consistently staying current with the constant changes of internet related advertising.

These basic fundamentals have allowed for us to perfect or skills and to build a unique and advanced set of internet advertising packages at a truly competitive rate that keep our customers satisfied and coming back for the professional service they have come to know and count on.

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Internet Text Ads

Internet Text Advertising or more commonly known as Pay Per Click Advertising is an immediate and effective channel used to drive targeted traffic to your business' website. Paid search allows a high degree of control over when, where and how you are reaching your potential customers.

The most common internet text advertising methods are through search engines and display text ads on related websites and social media.

Pay per click ads are very flexible because they can be targeted to time of day, location, demographics, keywords etc. and can accommodate nearly any budget.

At Uneek Werx we develop elegant and unique text ads that catch the eye of your targeted audience and stay true to your nature of business, without the pressure of ongoing internet text advertising management.

We deal on a per Text Advertising campaign basis only.

Cost: $50.00

SEO & Analysis

Search Engine Optimization or more commonly known as SEO is essentially just making your website easy for both users and search engine to find.

At Uneek Werx, we perform a complete site analysis and apply unique research and analysis backed strategies that focus on keywords, content and SEO optimizations that will increase your rankings.

We employ time tested techniques and use a variety of proprietary tools to aid in our analysis and optimizations. We will develop custom written meta-tags, titles, on-page content suggestions and link structures page by page to maximize your rankings.

We also analyze competitor back links, on-page keywords and keyword rankings, content, meta-data and even business model to find opportunities and build out a solid success strategy.

We deal on a per SEO & Analysis campaign basis only.

Cost: $200.00

General Websites

A website for your service or product is often a great way to make a statement that you are serious about what you do. With this in mind, it is important that it is organized, attractive and easy to navigate so that people can quickly find what they came for.

However, it is also very important to have a website that is properly structured for internet advertising with SEO and Analysis.

At Uneek Werx, we will build your professional business card website that includes all of the above.

We deal on a per Website campaign basis only.

Cost: $300.00

Social Media Set-up

If you provide a service or product to the general public and hope to build a solid customer base where you could share future services and/or products and gain and document valuable customer feedback, then you should have a social media presence.

At Uneek Werx, we can set up social media accounts with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest for you that are professional, structured and optimized to be search engine friendly, leaving you ready to just start posting.

No Website is Required to have Social Media, but is Recommended.

We deal on a per Social Media campaign basis only.

Cost: $70.00

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